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  You are innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We will defend your innocence.Bednarek Law Office at 10 East Doty Street in Madison Wisconsin | Criminal Defense Lawyers  

Bednarek Law Office
10 East Doty Street, Suite 617
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Attorney Jonas Bednarek and Attorney David Sapterstein frequently represent people accused of drunk driving, possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver, selling drugs, sexual assault, felon in possession and murder in cases under the jurisdiction of courts located in Madison (Dane County), Monroe (Green County), Eau Claire (Eau Claire County), Dodgeville (Iowa County).

The attorneys at Bednarek Law Offices also defend people charged with crimes or drunk driving offenses in Richland Center (Richland County), Janesville (Rock County), Baraboo (Sauk County), Portage (Columbia County), Lancaster (Grant County), Prairie du Chien (Crawford County), Wausau (Marathon County), La Crosse (LaCrosse County) and Sparta (Monroe County) Wisconsin.

Bednarek attorneys also represent people in federal cases heard in the United States District Courts in Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Bednarek Law Office LLC
10 East Doty Street, Ste 617
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

bednarek law offices - Defending Your Innocence

You are innocent unless proven guilty... that's the law.
And you have but one chance to defend your innocence.
make it count. Call Bednarek Law office today - 608.257.1680

The Constitution of the United States of America ensures that if you are accused of a crime, you are innocent unless proven guilty. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove that you committed the crime. In most cases, that burden is beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Constitution of the United States protects your right to face your accusers, to a trial by a jury of your peers, to remain silent, to refuse to give testimony against yourself, and to legal representation. Indeed, you have those rights, but you must exercise those rights for them to have a benefit for you. Often times, the only means through which you can be assured that your rights are truly protected is through the counsel and representation of a criminal defense lawyer.

Madison, Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys Jonas Bednarek and David Saperstein are experienced and dedicated counselors of law who commit themselves and their law practice to preserving the ideology that the Constitution exists for the same reason Attorney Bednarek and Attorney Saperstein practices law: to protect you and your rights.

Arrested? Call us today: 1-877-219-8171

Remember, an arrest is not a conviction, and not every arrest is legal. When you are accused of a crime or drunk driving (DUI OWI DWI) the state or federal prosecuting attorney has a single objective: to convict you.

Criminal Defense & Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Attorney Jonas Bednarek and Attorney David Sapterstein have devoted their entire legal careers to defending people accused of criminal offenses or drunk driving. They represent people who have been accused of any type of crime or any level of driving while under the influence, including those listed below.

For more information about the areas of law in which Attorney Jonas Bednarek and Attorney David Saperstein can help you if you are facing criminal or drunk driving charges, select a topic from the menu to the left or above. To arrange a free initial consultation, please email the law firm or call 608.257.1680 (or toll free at 1.877.219.8171).

Madison Wisconsin Attorney

From their Madison law offices, Attorney Jonas Bednarek and Attorney David Saperstein represent people in every court in Wisconsin. They most frequently appear in the courts located in Dane County (Madison WI), Green County (Monroe WI), Iowa County (Dodgeville WI), and Lafayette County (Darlington WI). They also frequently appear in the courts in Jefferson County (Jefferson WI), Rock County (Janesville WI), Grant County (Lancaster WI), Richland County (Richland Center WI), Sauk County (Baraboo WI), Columbia County (Portage WI) and Dodge County (Juneau WI), Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Lawyer

Bednarek Law Office is a highly respected and well-regarded criminal defense law firm located at 10 East Doty Street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. The attorneys limit their law practice to defending people charged within the state of Wisconsin, and handle both state and federal criminal cases, as well as drunk driving cases.

Free initial consultation

Attorney Jonas Bednarek offers a free initial consultation. If you are seeking a criminal or drunk driving defense lawyer in Wisconsin, or if you have been convicted and want to appeal the conviction or sentence, please contact Bednarek Law Offices for a free initial consultation.

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